Viticulture Studies 2022, Vol 2, Num, 2     (Pages: 073-080)

Determination of the Characteristics of Tenturiye üzüm and Alicante Bouschet in Tekirdağ

Tamer UYSAL 1 ,Gamze UYSAL SEÇKİN 1 ,Çağrı ERSEÇ 1

1 Viticulture Research Institute, Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ DOI : 10.52001/vis.2022.12.73.80 Viewed : 1238 - Downloaded : 544 Grapes with dark red color on both the skin and the flesh are known as Teinturier grapes. Tenturiye üzüm, which is a new grape genotype grown in Tekirdağ province, is similar to Alicante Bouschet grape variety in terms of many characteristics. Total phenolic content, total anthocyanin content and total tannin content obtained from Alicante Bouschet cultivar were 6332.5 mg gallic acid equvalent kg-1, 1324.52 mg malvidin 3‐glucoside kg-1, 9.6 mg tannic acid equvalent g-1 and Tenturiye üzüm`s results obtained were 5012.05 mg gallic acid equvalent kg-1, 1022.25 mg malvidin 3-glucoside kg-1, 5.55 mg tannic acid equvalent g-1, respectively. The determined values are higher than many table and wine grapes. Since teinturier grapes are important for the winemaking industry in terms of giving color to the wine, the Tenturiye üzüm genotype found in Tekirdağ is an important discovery for the region and country viticulture. Keywords : Teinturier Phenols Alicante Bouschet Grape Morphology