Viticulture Studies 2022, Vol 2, Num, 2     (Pages: 055-071)

Regional Economics of Viticulture in Turkey in the Period 1970-2021

Uğur Akdemir 1 ,Serkan Candar 1

1 Tekirdag Viticulture Research Institute, Tekirdağ, Turkey DOI : 10.52001/vis.2022.11.55.71 Viewed : 1591 - Downloaded : 936 The Anatolian lands, which have been home to many civilisations throughout history, have significant potential in terms of natural, cultural and economic resources. However, as in many other areas, this potential is not fully exploited in viticulture and wine sector. This study examined the development of vineyard areas and grape production in the world and in Turkey over the last 51 years, assessing Turkey's contribution to grape production on the basis of regions and provinces. According to world statistics, Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of production area and quantity of product. Turkey has 390.221 ha of vineyards and a total production of 3.670.000 tonnes of fresh grapes. These figures place the country 5th in the world in terms of vineyard area and 6th in terms of total production. Although Turkey has a good position in terms of raisin production and market share, one cannot speak of the same situation for table grapes, wine grapes and wine markets. Therefore, it is considered that for the development of production and marketing of grapes and wine products, a foreign trade policy should be developed rapidly. Keywords : Vitis vinifera L. Statistics Wine grapes Table grapes Raisins